News & Events
    • CAR-T Congress USA
    • NanoEntek will participate in the CAR-T Congress USA 2019 in Boston, USA. Come by Booth #12 and meet our new product ADAM-MC2, ADAM-CellT and EVE Plus.        4월 16일 ~ 17일 개최되는 CAR-T Congress USA에 나노엔텍이 참가합니다. (Booth: 12) 신제품 ADAM-MC2, Cell T, EVE Plus를 전시할 예정이니 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.
    • AACR 2019
    • NanoEntek will participate in the AACR 2019 exhibition in Georgia, USA. Come by Booth #4224 and meet JuLI Stage, ADAM-MC2 and EVE Plus.        3월 31~ 4월 3일 개최되는 AACR 2019 전시회에 나노엔텍이 참가합니다. (Stand: 4224) JuLI Stage, ADAM-MC2, EVE Plus를 전시할 예정이니 많은 관심 부탁드립니다
    • 제32기 재무제표 공고
    • 제32기 정기주주총회 소집 공고
    •   주총소집통지서 다운로드: 제 32기 정기주주총회 소집 공고.pdf
  • NanoEnTek shifts the health-care paradigm to meet the needs of users by providing a personalized customer oriented technology. NanoEnTek, devoted to R&D for the last 13 years, developed state of the art technology utilizing chip technology and rapid diagnostic instrument FREND System. The FREND System is a revolutionary, ... smart, and easy-to-use immunoassay analyzer which provides users
  • The core technologies of NanoEnTek Inc. are based on Lab-on-a-chip technology related to microfluidics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) breaking through the limitations of con-ventional diagnostics of cen-tralized laboratories. Currently, the centralized laboratory testing accompanied with expensive and large-sized ... diagnostic equipments has been well established