About NanoEnTek
Global Top Digital POCT (Point-of-Care-Testing) Creator

NanoEnTek(KOSDAQ:039860) has key technology of nano scale Bio-MEMS that organizationally combined microelectromechanical system(MEMS) and biotechnology called technology of 21st century. Based on the technology, we are expanding business to life science experiment equipment, medical in-vitro diagnostic device, and related solution development. There are about 100 patents of nano convergence technology that were applied and registered. Especially, one of our company’s key platforms is lab-on-a-chip, and it is a next generation technology that will contribute in medicine and life science areas.

NanoEnTek released the world’s first compact automatic cell analyzer named Countess. In 2009, we sold patent and patent exclusive license of gene delivery system MicroPorator to a global company in (US 13M$). We will push forward global target by the world’s first bench-top residual white blood cell counter ADAM-rWBC, point of care diagnostic devices FREND™ PSA Plus, and FREND™ TSH FDA 510(k) cleared in the United States.

Through active investment, NanoEnTek is now expanding in-vitro diagnostic business with existing life science business. In January 2016, we merge with Bio Focus which is a point of care diagnostic devices company based on rapid kit. We have reinforced biology capability and present customized products for each country because of diversification in platform. Until 2020, NanoEnTek will develop as a global leader in point of care diagnostic device area through advanced and various area like immunoassay, blood cell count, companion diagnostics, clinical chemistry, and so on.

History of growth

FREND™ PSA CFDA cleared in China
M&A with Bio Focus (Rapid kit diagnostic company)
SK telecom paid-in capital increase to 3rd party (US 9M$)


FREND™ TSH FDA 510(k) cleared in the United States
SK telecom become the largest shareholder
Adam-rWBC CFDA cleared in China


FREND™ PSA FDA 510(k) cleared in the United States


Merge with Digital Biotechnology
ADAM-rWBC FDA 510(k) cleared in the United States


Strategic partnership with SK telecom (invest US 23M$)
Enlarge Hwaseong factory


Sell-off patent to Life Technologies [US 13M$]
Contract new products development with Life Technologies


Supply contract for Countess with Life Technologies


Establish corporation in the United States Build factory in Hwaseong, Korea


NanoEnTek listed on KOSDAQ (stock exchange)


Establish Digital Biotechnology (venture in Seoul National University)

NanoEnTek's Technologies
Immunodiagnostics based on Lab-on-a-chip technology

The core technologies of NanoEnTek Inc. are based on Lab-on-a-chip technology related to microfluidics and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) breaking through the limitations of conventional diagnostics of centralized laboratories. Currently, the centralized laboratory testing accompanied with expensive and large-sized diagnostic equipments has been well established and operating at major metropolitan hospitals located in urban area. But, the most of small- and medium-sized hospitals located in local area or countries has difficulties in setup and maintaining of facilities due to the limits of financial and human resources. Even metropolitan hospitals need point-of-care testing (POCT) in emergency department (ED) and intensive care unit (ICU).

Our immunodiagnostic products, FREND™ cartridges (disposable plastic microchip) and reader system, allow that clinicians can get fast test results and make a quick clinical decision. By using our quantitative fluorescence immunoassay system, patients also can receive a quick test (total reaction and scanning time < 5 minutes) results and proper treatment in time. The required volume of sample serum or plasma is only 35 micro liter (under 40 uL) compared to the sample volume (over 1~5 mL). Our core technologies enable to make microchannels with smaller-size than human hair diameter (60 ~ 100 um) on plastic materials and glass. There are a lot of microstructures on the micro channel of the microfluidic cartridge working as analytical processes, such as mixing, washing, incubating and reacting. It allow to analysis with a tiny volume of sample in short time for replacing the large-sized diagnostic equipments in small-/medium-sized hospitals and home.

NanoEnTek is the first pathfinders succeeded in the commercialization and mass production of plastic microchips in Korea for the global marker of clinical diagnostics. Our strong technologies and experience are also fused with the states-of-the art optics for developing life science products. Various plastic microchips and automatic counting system for life science field have been developed and selling all across the country with great praises. We are expecting that our platforms based on the MEMS and Lab-on-a-chip technologies are continuously used as a next-generation platform for various applications.

  • Source technology of NanoEnTek’s Lab-on-a-Chip
    • 01.


    • 02.


    • 03.

      Surface treatment

    • 04.

      Plastic injection molding

  • · Maximize efficiency and miniaturize by existing laboratory works in one plastic chip

    · Microprocessor that reflects analysis devices various on a small chip with micromachining technology

    · Perform process of sample pretreatment, reaction, separation, and detection in one chip continuously

    · Just put sample and get response result analysisat once as a next generation biochip

    · Microfluidics technology is necessary to control minimum fluid(Consist of Microvalve/Micropump/Micromixer etc)

    · Plastic injection molding makes mass production of lab-on-a-chip

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